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Message to trivia night organizers

Please send the information about your event to:

The first word means "Pegasus" in Esperanto.

There is no charge to advertise your event on my page. It would be nice if you'd mention the address of my page at your event, however.

Important:  Please try to send your information to me ahead of time -- several weeks or even months before your trivia night! Thank you for your patience.

Please include the words "trivia night" somewhere in the subject line of your e-mail message. Additional words are fine too.

My preference is to receive your information in a format similar to the other postings on the page. This makes it easier and quicker to do my updates. (Attached PDF's or JPG's are not convenient.)

That last paragraph was really important, so I want to make sure it is clear.  For instance, let's say the postings on my page look kind of like this:

Saturday, Month Day, Year - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Quisque vestibulum felis ac felis aliquet in scelerisque orci ultrices. Sed gravida tempor tellus, a dictum nisl semper quis! Curabitur tincidunt dapibus bibendum. Praesent in est sem, nulla vitae condimentum risus, phasellus turpis tortor, ullamcorper nec lobortis id, posuere vel felis. Donec rutrum lacinia quam, vitae cursus nisi pellentesque vel. Quisque eleifend, risus at faucibus vestibulum, ipsum mauris ultricies dui, vitae pulvinar e-mail <libero at invelit>*.

It is very time-consuming if I receive numerous e-mails with text like THIS instead:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, Saturday, Month Day, Year.QUISQUE VESTIBULUM FELIS Ac Felis Aliquet In Scelerisque Orci Ultrices. Sed Gravida Tempor Tellus, A Dictum Nisl Semper Quis!!!!!  CurabiturTincidunt Dapibus Bibendum. Praesent In Est Sem, Nulla Vitae Condimentum Risus, Phasellus Turpis Tortor, Ullamcorper NEC LOBORTIS ID, Posuere Vel Felis. Donec Rutrum Lacinia Quam, Vitae Cursus Nisi Pellentesque Vel. Quisque Eleifend, Risus At Faucibus Vestibulum, Ipsum Mauris Ultricies Dui, Vitae pulvinar urna libero@invelit.

OK.  Moving on.  If you e-mail it to me and a bunch of other recipients at once, my spam filter might consider it spam.

The e-mail addresses on my page are formatted in an awkward way to protect you from Spambots.

Here is why I put a hyphen in the word "e-mail".



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